Solar Christ Sophia Pilgrimage
Walk the Path of Mary Magdalene

Open Heart Ventures

Dedicated to transformation; the a process of deep inner change that leads to a more authentic and fulfilling life. Personal transformation can involve a variety of practices, such as meditation, chanting, therapy, coaching, spiritual exploration journeys and pilgramages.

Solar Christ Sophia Pilgrimage

An Initiatory Sequence into the Christ Consciousness,
Divine Mother & Holy Grail Mysteries
Occitania / Catalonia ~ Southern France / Northern Spain
Montsegur / Montserrat ~ White Lady / Black Madonna
Holy Spirit Initiations

Ahmed El Feqy – Retreat Facilitator, Spiritual Guide, Wisdomkeeper & Interdimensional Healer
Jihan “Gigi” Amer – Life Spiritual Coach, LMFT, Meditation Facilitator, DUP Dance Leader, Singer/Songwriter, Global Chant & Retreat Facilitator
Andrew Sarmad Foehner – Sacred Sound Healer, Retreat Facilitator, Percussionist / Musician
Adora Deva Munro – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Practitioner of LED-Medical Light Therapy.  Sacred Dance Leader, Priestess in the heart-centered Ariel Spielbury tradition

Sacred Egypt Journey

Join us on this incredible sacred journey to the mystical lands of Egypt to experience the sacred wisdom of its living temples, access a deeper knowing, connection to Source, Higher Self & Divinity. Experience the timeless magic, mystery, mysticism, alchemy & power while receiving wisdom transmissions & higher dimensional healing from its living temples, gifted spiritual guides, guardians & gatekeepers.

Egypt is the Sacred Heart Portal of Ascension into our Divinity. With hearts wide open, vessel overflowing & vertical channel aligned to the Most High, we walk these sacred lands together.
Enter the Temples Not Built With Hands & access the heart of Divinity.

Peru Sacred Journey

Join us on this incredible journey to the sacred sites of the Peruvian Andes to learn from the esoteric teachings of Andean mysticism in the spiritual tradition of the Inca through gifted guides sharing teachings of the ancient mysteries, while navigating the inner / outer planes of existence in a tour group operated with absolute integrity, high vibrations, heart-centered awareness and professionalism.

Peru is filled with mysteries and spiritual power. Nurturing gifts for seekers of truth. Perfect for connecting with living and ancient spiritual traditions and cultures. Connecting deeper with Nature and relation of oneself to the
Cosmos. Experiencing the Earths resonance with the stars and Ascended Humanity. Civilizations that existed before and still exist now on the higher dimensions. This is why it is a gateway for Ascension and Remembrance.