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    Meet the Sacred Journey Tour Guides and Presenters

    Ahmed El Feqy Egyptian born alchemist, mystic, teacher, ascension guide and interdimensional healer. For over 15 years facilitating, organizing and leading sacred journeys, spiritual retreats and mystical pilgrimages to ancient temples and sacred sites around the planet to connect people with the sacred through direct mystical experience of Source and Initiations into Divinity.

    Egyptian born, Nur Jihan “Gigi” Amer loves to sing & has written songs since youth. She was influenced by various spiritual musical practices. Inspired by the power of devotional chants, she created meditative chants and embodied spiritual dances of her own to honor the various global influences that have touched her heart. Co-founder of the South Bay Chant Circle, Caravan El Noor, Greensboro Chant, Dance & Meditation Group, she plays harmonium and is a singer/songwriter. Nur Jihan also works as a therapist, spiritual life coach and meditation practitioner.

    Andrew Sarmad Foehner has a passion for, percussion and has formally studied Indian, African & Middle Eastern percussion for 25+ years. He creates Sound Journey meditations using ambient soundscapes with Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Chimes & Synthesizers. He’s brought is musical talents to numerous musical projects throughout the years.

    Sarmad and Nur Jihan help individuals transform their lives, raise their vibration, and spread peace through the power of sound, meditative experiences and spiritual pilgrimages. Both work together to offer Global Chant circles, Dances of Universal Peace, Meditation practices, and Sound Bath experiences at community events, retreats, and on spiritual journeys.

    amystichaven.com, openheartventures.com, nurjihanandsarmad.com,  
    jihanamer.net, mysticworlddrums.com

    Adora Deva is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Led-Medical Light Therapy Practitioner, and Sacred Dance Leader.

    In her heart-centered clinical practice, Adora inspires and empowers people to recognize their own magnificence and divinity.

    Adora has found artistic and spiritual expression through Sacred Dance. She is a facilitator of  Dances of Universal Peace.  She also leads the Buddhist-inspired practice called Tara Dance which has been presented to and endorsed by the Dahli Lama. It combines mudras, power postures, and dance gestures with affirmations and dance in a circle ritual to support community and individual spiritual discipline.

    Adora delights in the the study of the myth and archetypes that inspire and transform women to self-actualize and track and know themselves on a deeper level.  Adora completed her Priestess training in 2022 with Nadine Bengs Keller,  in the lineage of teacher Ariel Spielbury.  

    Adora is a student and practitioner of NVC or Compassionate Communication.  She enjoys Ecstatic Dance, circle singing, and building community at the  Center for Spiritual Living – Santa Cruz  and in her local Sufi-inspired community of friends.

    Adora remains dedicated to her clinical practice where she combines the powers of hypnosis, massage, Light Therapy, and intuitive arts and works to recognize the Divinity in all people.