• Sacred Egypt Tour

    March 21st – April 2nd, 2025

    Join us on this incredible sacred journey to the mystical lands of Egypt to experience the sacred wisdom of its living temples, access a deeper knowing, connection to Source, Higher Self & Divinity.

    Experience the timeless magic, mystery, mysticism, alchemy & power while receiving wisdom transmissions & higher dimensional healing from its living temples, gifted spiritual guides, guardians & gatekeepers.

    Egypt is the Sacred Heart Portal of Ascension into our Divinity. With hearts wide open, vessel
    overflowing & vertical channel aligned to the Most High…. We walk these sacred lands together… Enter the Temples Not Built With Hands & access the heart of Divinity.

    Explore the Mystical Land & Sacred Sites of Egypt
    with Expert Gnostic facilitator Ahmed El Fegy
    (Wisdom Keeper, Adept Healer & Spiritual Guide). 
    Guest Presenters:
    Nur Jihan “Gigi” Amer
    Andrew Sarmad Foehner
    Adora Deva Munro

    Tour Costs:
    Full Tour:

    $6000 per person covering lodging with breakfast, transport, sacred sites visits, spiritual transmissions, facilitation, organization & healing work.

    2025 Itinerary coming soon. Please check back for updates. The 2023 itinerary can be found here

    Testimonials from the Sacred Egypt Tour 2023

    “Thank you for all you did for our trip to Egypt. It was an amazing time. I was deeply moved by the experiences we had. .. I think we had an elevated and unique introduction to the real energies that remain present in this very ancient land. Our shaman Ahmed brought it all to life and grounded his information in real life time so that we could take the stories/lessons home and apply them to our everyday life. Instead of seeing an old stagnant history of Egypt, we were treated to a taste of what the original intention of the temples most likely was, and felt the aliveness of spirit that is there forever. We were able to receive the magic within …our chakras and the depth of our souls. The trip unfolded in ways that I could not have imagined- each day unveiling new delights. It was a profound trip that I will forever cherish. ” ~ Mirabai S.

    “I got so so so much from this tour on so many levels. It was life changing.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!” ~ Shira S.

    “Gigi and Andrew, you two are amazing. Thank you so much for your gift in creating this. It was amazing and beyond what I ever imagined. I feel so blessed to have experienced this with you! ~ Vileena P.

    “It was an amazing life changing and vibration raising experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat!” ~ C.J.

    “It was absolutely magical!” Molly S.